Sean Mackaoui

Sean Mackaoui was born in Switzerland, but he isn’t Swiss. This Anglo-Lebanese came to Madrid 18 years ago armed with his scissors and a little box of cuttings. He is lucky to be still cutting and pasting and his little box is now the size of a large family’s trunk. A year ago this same large family moved to Sao Paolo, Brazil for a while.

Mackaoui divides his time between constructing illustrations for national and international media and losing himself in his own world of collage and objects, which sometimes abound in European and American exhibitions. He has given collage workshops in El Circulo de Bellas Artes, El Instituto Cervantes de Sao Paolo and Brasilia, La Casa Encendida and El Instituto Europeo de Diseño en Madrid, El Instituto Alicantino Juan Gil Albert, La Fundación Santa María de Albarracín and in the Central St. Martin’s College, London.

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