El aniversario

Text: Miquel Martí i Pol

Illustrations: Carme Solé Vendrell

Picture Book


isbn 978-84-939213-3-0

april 2012

32 pages | pvp 16.00 €

Time passes, even though sometimes it appears it didn’t; too fast, in many occasions. So fast, that sometimes you realize the best years of your life have already passed, misspend, and you still don’t feel fulfilled. This is the kind of felling that struck Mr M in the morning of his 10th anniversary.

Time has taken its course, and the opaque glass of routine alienated him from his emotions. But in a rainy and gloomy day, while returning home after an industrious day of work, he found a hat. In that moment, without even understanding why, Mr M felt like the master of his own destiny. He decided to wear the hat and never take it off again. As a new man, he chose to be the true lord and master of his new personality.

Nobody understood this act of courage, evidently.

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