Yo las quería

Text: Maria Martínez i Vendrell

Illustrations: Carme Solé Vendrell

Picture Book


isbn 978-84-937902-3-3

may 2010

40 pages | pvp 16.00 €

Long plaits aren’t just one of Marta’s physical characteristics. Marta, the main character in I loved them, is a dreamy and sensitive girl who spends her life worrying about her mother’s health; she grows up and comprehends that things are no longer the same.

This deeply literary text by Maria Martínez i Vendrell, with illustrations by Carme Solé Vendrell, tells a tale of growing up with a tender subtlety, similar to the very process carried in human beings. In 1983 the book was deservedly awarded the Apel·les Mestres prize.

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