La ciudad transparente

Text: Ana Alonso / Javier Pelegr�n
Illustrations: Pere Ginard
Graphic Novel | june 2010
ISBN: 978-84-937902-8-8
Binding: Softcover
240 pages
PVP: 18,00 �

White Ravens 2012

There was a time when people�s lives were not written. People made up their own story day after day, hour after hour, adding one action upon another without bearing in mind the structure or meaning of the whole. Those people enslaved by chance wasted their time in routine tasks...

Thus begins this vibrant (graphic?) novel, where we meet a society where nothing is private; people�s lives are designed and written in a script. The greater the audience, the greater life gets, as one can pay for the best scriptwriter. Economic and media capitals will increase as well, for ones adventures will attract more sponsorship.

And so it is that young Jason, the main character of one of the most popular media shows, lives in a bubble of experiences each as thrilling as the next. That is until Minerva, his scriptwriter, disappears, and he starts receiving indecipherable holographic messages on his mobile.

This is a novel of anticipation, real as the future itself.

�This is a novel of anticipation, real as the future itself.�

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