La agenda de El Jinete Azul

Text and illustrations: Juan Vidaurre
Single Book | october 2010
ISBN: 978-84-937902-9-5
Binding: Flexibook
100 pages
PVP: 15,00 �

This volume is not a book. Not in the same sense that Ren� Magritte proclaimed, �Ceci n�est pas une pipe�, neither a diary. Or at least this is what we think Vidaurre was trying to do, when he composed these collages that illuminate intermittently the austere white pages of this hard-covered notebook.

Whatever may be the case, El Jinete Azul wanted to celebrate its six months with a book that isn�t a book, or, if you prefer, with a diary which has something of a book about it.

�This volume is not a book, neither a diary.�

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