Birgit, historia de una muerte

Text: Gudrun Mebs
Illustrations: Beatriz Mart�n Vidal
Illustrated books | april 2011
Binding: Hardcover
88 pages
PVP: 12,00 €

(Illustration�s rights only) Sold to: Brazil

Birgit turns severely ill and is admitted immediately to the hospital. Fear, sadness and hope disrupt all family existence, particularly the life of her little sister, who begins to narrate the events and feelings she encounters until Birgit�s death.

Gudrun Mebs was awarded the Children�s Literature German Award two years after the first publication of this book in 1982. This is, without question, one of his best works.

Beatriz Mart�n Vidal�s evocative and lyrical illustrations light up this beautiful text, filled with naivety and tenderness.

�A beautiful text, filled with naivety and tenderness.�

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