Clasificados y no tanto

Text: Marina Colasanti

Illustrations: Sean Mackaoui



isbn 978-84-938352-2-4

march 2011

72 pages | pvp 10.00 �

This selection of poems from her latest book Classificados e nem tanto, recently published in Brazil by Marina Colasanti, possibly the country�s most important living poet, translated by Carlos Gumpert and illustrated by Sean Mackaoui is a work for any type of reader.

It consists of short poems, almost haiku, which question or answer, which offer or search, in which concerns, thoughts and certainties are formulated; small thoughts which reflect the imaginary in daily life and which show us how very close poetry is in everything around us.

The illustrations of the Anglo-Lebanese Sean Mackaoui give a further twist to these short metaphorical poetic notes, producing a book which inevitably provokes a smile or reflection on the part of the reader.

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