La partida del soldado

Text: Javier de Isusi

Illustrations: Leticia Ruifern�ndez

Picture Book


isbn 978-84-938352-3-1

march 2011

40 pages | pvp 14.00 �

The Soldier�s Farewell is a picture book and not strictly a children�s book. A subtle aroma of transgression places it in a particular trend within it�s genre.

A short text that tells the story of a crucial moment in the life of a man and his family, when a decision has to be made, whether to go off to war or to stay in the home he has built. Whichever decision he makes will change the life he has known so far.

His choice is so surprising that an adult reader will recall Western Literature in all its splendour. In this beautiful story lies a Ulysses and a modern day Odyssey where the myth is reinvented, and an immediate, small-scale story that speaks of everyday life portrayed by the illustrations. Perhaps that is the most important of it all.

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