Jairo Buitrago

Jairo Buitrago is a writer and illustrator of children�s books. In 2006, he published the picture book �El se�or L.Fante� (Mr. L.Phant), and in the following year he published �Emiliano� with the help of the Peruvian illustrator Rafael Yockteng. Together they published �Camino a casa� (The Way Home) in 2008, �Elo�sa y los bichos� (Eloisa and the Bugs) in 2009, �El primer d�a� (The First Day) �Jimmy, el m�s grande� (Jimmy, the biggest) and the novel �Las pesquisas comenzaron en Baker Street� (The Inquiries started at Baker Street) in 2010. He was the winner of the XI Concurso de �lbum Ilustrado A la Orilla del Viento del Fondo de Cultura Econ�mica de M�xico (XI Picture Book Competition �A la Orilla del Viento� of the Mexican Economic Culture Fund) in 2007. His books have attained different recognitions, such as the IBBY honour list and The Best of the Venezuelan Book Bank. With Eloisa and the Bugs he won the White Ravens price, awarded by the Internationale Jugendbibliothek of Munich. His books have been translated into English, Portuguese and Japanesse.

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