Miquel Mart� i Pol

Miquel Mart� i Pol was born in Roda de Ter (Barcelona) in 1929, and died in vic en 2003. Poet, writer and translator, he started to work at a textile factory at the age of fourteen. he published Paraules al vent, his first book of poems, in 1954, work that won him the Óssa Menor Prize. During the sixties he began collaborating in different sceneries, giving lectures and becoming politically engaged with the PSuC. in 1983 he received the �Cruz de Sant Jordi� and in 1992 the �Medalla Nacional de la generalitat de Catalunya�, among other distinctions. his published work, which spans over 30 books, has been published in many languages, and he has translated authors such as Saint-exupéry, Apollinaire, Flaubert, Simone de Beauvoir.

Website: www.martiipol.cat

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